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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Alliance Mobilization

Alliance Mobilization

Understanding the Alliance Mobilization can be very benefiting to you personally and as a team mate in your alliance.

On a monthly bases this event begins.  Upon clicking on the Icon you will be given a selection of things to try an accomplish.  BUT beware some of them are extremely hard to do. All of the picks have rewards and time assigned to the task for you to complete it.  Here is where reading really pays off so that you don't pick something you can't get finished. 

So lets talk about what is a good pick and poor pick.  Good picks are ones that you know you will be able to do within the allotted time they give you to do them in.  Questions you need to ask are when will you be on the game again, do you need help from others to get your task done or is it something you can do yourself.  So read and think before making your selection.

Various Tasks:

Power  - These tasks give you big rewards but take a close look at how much power you have to grow and the amount of time they are giving you to do so.  In other words you might want to have speed ups on hand to get through these, generally they want 1m+ to complete the task, your alliance officers might take that off the list in hopes for a better task.

Pack - If you don't mind spending some money in the game this is a win win, for you will be required to buy a certain many packs in a certain amount of time and in return you will get the items you bought and complete the task.  These are generally left  for people to use. 

Merchant Ship - the is a relatively easy task, you just have to wait for the merchant ship to reset to finish the task and they generally give you enough time to get it done.  This also one that is left in the list to work on.

Gather -  Although it may seem doable, most of these quests take extremely long to complete and hard to finish.  These are generally avoided and your alliance officers might knock them off the list, of course if you want one they you can ask them to save you a particular type.

Transport - Transportation is easy enough to do if you have the Millions they want you to transfer, remember however that there is a transport tax that has to be paid.  If you want to get the stuff back make sure the person you are transporting to knows that, and again the cost of the transportation tax will be applied again to ship back to you.  Bottom line it is doable, but you will ultimately lose resources.  Depending on the alliance this may or may not be left on the list for tasks to do.

Forge - Depending on the amount of forging they want you to do.  This can be an easy one for you to do, if you have been gathering the resources for the Blacksmith Shop.  Again this one will be on the list depending on the alliance.

Diamond Spending - If you have them and can spend them this is another that is easy.  This will always be left on the list by the officers.

Alliance Coins - This task will generally be left for you to pick.  But be wise in what you decide to spend them on.  If you don't have a server transport this is a place you can buy that and generally meet the requirements of the task.  But it is a task that is easy to do and now that we have the Alliance Boss the coins are collected rather easy.

Chest - Mysterious chests are the chests icon that come up through out the day.   These can be easy but difficult to do.  Easy in that all you have to do is click on them, but you also have to be on the game a lot for you to get them done. 

Elite - The elite tasks can be difficult and depending on the alliance they might not let them on the list of tasks to be done.  So if you are looking to do one you might have to talk to your officers.

Helps - These are easy to do but generally they take someone else to help.  One builds and destroys a farm of something small while another clicks on the help to help them build, this is done repeatedly until you have completed all the helps.  Because this is easy they will generally always be on the selection list unless someone takes the tasks.  They yield a lot of points so others maybe waiting to grab it as soon as one comes up.

The Trick to Alliance Mobilization

NOTE:  Reading is fundamental in this game!  

The trick to alliance mobilization is that you read the task completely before you pick, some can be worded a little tricky   The officers will be constantly looking to refresh the tasks that are un-obtainable in hopes that something better comes up in its place.  Generally lower point scores are taken off and they look for tasks with 100 points or higher to replace them.

If you are looking for a particular Task talk to the the officers so they can let it on and give you heads up.  If something needs to be taken off tell the officers to refresh the list.  This refreshing may take some time but if you come back new tasks are there to be done.

Explaining the Alliance Page

Look at the Alliance page closely.  At the top of the page you will see a timer ticking down this gives you how long before the event is over and you have to complete the task.  

Next to it our two Icons one with circles that are stacked, clicking on that will bring up your alliance progress.  At the top your picture and ranking.  

Next to the circle icon is the bar icon.  This shows you the Alliance Ranking and what part of the Tournament Ranking you are in.  It will tell you what the guild ranking is, remember your competing through out all of the game not just your server.  

If you press the little green package at the top you will see the rewards available for playing the game if you make the top five.  

To see the other rewards on the front page click on the little chess that will give you a list you will be choosing from depending on how well your alliance does.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for doing the Alliance Mobilization.  It takes just a little of your time, but in return you gain items you will need in your growth and more importantly you are showing your alliance that you are a team player, and that is what this game is all about.  

Team playing and Server playing.  The more you gel together with first your alliance and then your server the better prepare you are for the end game play.

As always I hope that you find the information here helpful.  

Happy Building!

Dove Icon


Have you ever tried to figure out where to get something and gotten frustrated because you couldn't find it?  It is easy to get frustrated with not knowing where to go to do things within this game.  That is why the developers added a help for in world while playing.

One of the exciting icons that they added to the game more recently is the Assistant Dove Icon.  Clicking on this Icon help you as a player in many ways.  This Icon is located on the left hand side of your screen above the Army Icon.

If you are looking to find stuff in this game opening this Icon and clicking on a topic will give you all the ways you as a player can find what you are looking for.  So if you need help this is a great way to find it.  Even Free Blue Diamonds, so go ahead and click it, you know you want to.


1.  Free Diamonds - Where you can go to get more diamonds daily

2.  Resource Gathering - Grain, Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold Dragons

3.  Equipment Materials -  This is made at Blacksmith for the clothing sets that you can put on by clicking on your Lords picture.  Changing out these sets allows for various speed ups for building, research, or may buff you in many ways.

4.  Troop Appearances - at your Barracks you will see a tab called Troop Appearance, you can use one for each type of troops you have, by equipping them it gives that type a troop a buff and helps you with various things.

5.  Lord Exp - Allows your commanders to grow higher, the higher your lord experience the higher they can grow.  Your commanders cannot grow higher then Your Lord Experience so it is important to keep your Lord Experience growing.

6.  VIP points - this allows you to move  to the next level giving you a higher amount of diamonds each day.

7.  Commander Medals - This allows you to upgrade the quality of your Commander to the next level.

8.  Commander Equipment - this is the items your commanders need for their next level, as you do your weirwood trees, these items general build in your inventory for you to use for your commander to go to the next Level in the game.

9.  Badges - These are the slots available for your Commanders Sets each have slots that you can fill with these badges.

All of the above topics are important as you set out to play this game.  Knowing where to go to get things done is an excellent help in a game where so many things keep happening on a regular basis.

By clicking on the Topics it will open up another menu of where you can locate what you need and they even provided a "Go" button to take you there.  So take advantage of this great game feature it will help you a lot.

Happy Building!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Sheltering Your Troops and Commander

There is nothing worse then coming in to the game all ready to begin more builds then finding out you have been HIT!

In this article I will talk about some of the reasons you will want to shelter your troops and some tips on how to remember to shelter your troops and commanders.

The Shelter is located right below the castle and to the right of the stairs leading up to the castle area.  When you started the game they gave you a quest to do, the quest showed you the shelter, but lets face it many times we are rushing to get through the beginning quests and forget about a lot of what was said.

When there is no one in your shelter the game has given you a hint by putting "ZZZZ" over the head of it, this is a big tip if you are leaving for the night and seeing the "ZZZZ" you do not have your troops or your commander in the shelter.

By clicking on the shelter you will open to the following picture.  I made this large so you can see what we will be talking about.

Right away you will have the list of your troops on the left hand side followed by an Auto-Select button in green.  On the right you will see your head commander and amounts of time. Followed by a confirm button in gold.

First we will talk about the troops that you will shelter.  When you are lower hopefully you will be gaining more space as you up your castle.  With each level your shelter climbs with the castle.  The amount of troops they list that you can send out can be housed within the shelter.  

But there are a few things that you can do to increase that.  You most likely already know that if you add your commander and do some research you can up the amount you are able to take into your shelter.

First, lets look at the commander page.  You will notice a number beneath each of the commanders.  That number is the amount of troops that particular commander can take in with them when you shelter your troops with the commander.  That amount changes when you promote your commanders.  So in this case you can take 1,800 more.

Later when you are high enough you will unlock the Commandership tab in the Research tower.  

If you look you will see that you will be given a "Shelter Capacity" research to add more troops to your shelter.  

Every little bit helps in protecting your troops.  But lets take a look again at our shelter page.

If you look at the bottom of the left side it will tell you how many troops you can hold.  You have two options on how you put the troops in. If you have more space then you have troops you can let the program auto select the troops as they did on this page.  

The Clear Selection and Auto Select button are the same button, once you click it, you will see the opposite words on it.  If you have too many troops you will want to save your higher troops and gradually get rid of the ones that do not fit in the shelter. 

Many people make the mistake on trying to keep both.  But there are issues with that.  You having lower troops while having higher troops can run into the problem of not having bed room, in the hospital, if you get hit. 

Remember the lower your troops are the easier they are to kill, so they generally die first in battles.  If they end up in your hospital, they take taking up space and if you haven't built hospital beds your higher troops will die. 

Plus do you really want to waste your resources in healing them.  I would suggest that the easiest way to get rid of the overage is just simply dismiss them.

Another reason for dismissing the troops is that using a mixture of troops can cause a battle to be lost.  The battles in this game are about Morality.  When a troop dies, it brings down the morality of the remaining troops.  When morality hits "0" you lost.  So see once your building higher troops there is no real purpose of keeping them.

Dismissing them is done in the Barracks, as you click on the type of troops you want to dismiss in the lower left corner is a minus sign ( - ), clicking on it will allow you to pick how many of that type of troop you want to dismiss.  So just put away in the shelter what you want to keep, and dismiss the ones that don't fit in.

Now remember we said that when you add your commander you can take more, if you look at the previous picture it stated 500,000 and the commander currently can take 1,800 with him, by clicking on the box beneath the Commander this number changes to reflect the total of 518,000.

After putting the troops in and the commander you need to decide a refuge time.  I ALWAYS pick 12 hours.  This is just in case you are unable to make it in.  Plus getting into a habit is important and this way when you go to bed they will be still there when you wake up, unless your sleep longer.

TIP 1:  Always put your troops in and commander in the shelter, even if you are bubbling, so that you get into the habit of locking them away.

TIP 2:  If you have overage of troops and they are higher ones, ask an alliance mate who is bubbled if your overage can spend the time your away in their embassy

If this is going to be a every day thing.  Split the cost of the bubbling, by just buying the protection truce and sharing it with them.  No matter how big or small everyone is trying to save blue diamonds.

TIP 3:  Make sure you have a protector.  To cover your castle if you are not around.   Also make sure you help someone else and become their protector.  

In closing these troops are what you need to become a part of this war game.  Protecting them is very important.  You don't want to have to keep rebuilding them each day when just a click a way they would all be safe.

Slow down, don't play to late and be in a rush when you leave.  Always log out on the castle view and Look for the "ZZZZ's".  Remember to put them away, make a note if you have to.  

As always have a great time building!

Monday, August 19, 2019

Social Message

Changing Your Social Message

At the bottom of your screen you will see your Social Icon, it is the one between the bird (mail) and backpack (inventory), the two hands grasping each other. When you click on it, you will see the following picture appear on your screen.

Up here at the top you will see a small feather pen this will allow 
<<  you to open up another screen and change your message when you click on it.  When you begin the game the message is Maybe Later.

Within some alliances they encourage you to change this to your Native Language and Country.   Doing this allows the alliance to help you better when you need help in your own language.

Giving your country also allows the alliance to know what time of the day you might be on the game.  This is good to know especially if you are seeking a protector.  Having one on when you are asleep is the best.

When the next window opens up it will look like this.  As you as you can see I already typed in my new message.  After you type your message you then click confirm.

This message can be changed when ever you want to change it.  Just re-click the button and write what you want others to read.  They call it Your Mood, but it can be put to better use.  When you are finish the Edit screen will close and you will see your message printed at the top of your social page looking like this.  See that wasn't to hard to do.  Hope it all works out well for you.  See you in game! 

Rebel Riders


If you click on the world view on the bottom right side of your screen you will see the Rebel Leaders.  It is not hard to miss them for they are riding on horses.  The rebel leaders come in only five levels, unlike the groups.  In order to hit the next level of Rebel Leaders you will need to do research in the tower.  The Expedition and Pacification's allow for you to hit the various levels of Rebel Leaders.

In this article we will take a deep look at the rebel leader and help you as a player to understand why you would want to take down these rebels everyday.

Rebel leaders use motivation, this automatically fills up through out the day, the amount you use depends on the size of rebel leader you are trying to hit.  The lower the rebel the lower the cost it will be to hit him.  You can see the motivation bar beneath your Lords picture in world view.  There are several ways to get motivation, one being you can buy it in a package, it may drop from a treasure, or buy it from the shops.

Expeditions in this game means attacking the horses on the World Map.  So to help with the expeditions you would want to do the research for them.  They have several different research effects so be sure to read through them carefully.

Now you might be wondering why would you attack them?  Because they are a very a important part of the game for the  following reasons:

  • You gain Lord Experience.
  • The commanders you send gain Commanders Experience.
  • You gain items for crafting different Blacksmith Sets.
  • You can gain Diamonds, Resources, Speed Ups and other Consumables.
  • When you kill one your whole Alliance Gets A Gift.

There really isn't any reason to not attack them, and here is how you start.  First go to the map search system by clicking on the magnifying glass above the chat log.

When you click on it you will see the following drop down screen.  On this screen is all the things that you will need to get your daily activities done.  The last two pictures are our rebels.

As you can see you are given the choice of two different rebel leaders.  Each leader will give different types of materials needed for your blacksmith sets.  Plus each type has a different strength, some you might need only two hits when you get stronger and some level one's you might need only one.  The higher the number you go after the harder it will be to take them down.  Today we are going to take down a Level 1 Stormlands Leader.

By hitting search it will bring you to one that is nearest to you.  Once you are there, you will want to click on the leader.  The screen will open and show you information about the leader. 

One of the things you will notice is the coordinates, this is here in case you can't finish killing the leader, you can click on the icon by the star, it is the share icon, when you do that your social list will open you at that point can pick your alliance and it will put the cords into the alliance chat.

On the bottom of the Rebel you will see a line indicating how much health he has and this line switches to how much time is left before the rebel resets, as you look to the right they tell you how long it will take you to ride to this rebel.  This is helpful so that you don't send off your troops and lose the motivation if he resets before you get there.

Also shown is the list of things you can get.  It varies from rebel leader to rebel leader.  If you click the green button it will bring up another picture that talks about the items that can drop and what Blacksmith set they are good for.  This is nice so you don't have to go back into your castle to figure it out.

Below the green button is your motivation line it indicates how much you have and if you need a little more you can click on the plus button and it will show you if you have any in your inventory, if you don't it will also give you the option to buy more.

Below that are two buttons, one is Attack for a single attack on the leader the other is a Maximum Attack, this is if you decide to hit more then one time.  You will still get the speed buff if you do it all at one time or one attack at a time,  But it makes it nice that you don't have to go back to your castle and hit again.

When you decide to attack you are given a screen much like you get when you are fighting in the training ground.  You will see the rebel leader and have spaces to send your commanders up against him. 

NOTE: In a recent update the way you decide your lineup for attacking Rebel Leaders has changed. There is significantly more importance on countering than before. This refers to troop counter:

Spearmen > Cavalry;  Cavalry >Infantry;  Infantry >Spearmen
Bowman Mutual Counter

This is not just the direct counter across from the leader in the formation screen either, every commander matters. 

So for example:  When attacking a Stormland’s Insurgent which is an infantry type you want to use as many Cavalry Commanders as possible. Even if you have to replace a stronger commander with a weaker one.

NOTE:  If you are having trouble remembering what counters what check your PC to see if you have a program by windows called sticky notes.  This much like the paper ones will put a note on your screen top and you can put the information there for quick access. 

Now that we know what we are going to hit, just select your commanders and Attack.   Immediately you will see your commanders run out and towards your target.  As you see it will put a red circle around the rebel leader, this is helpful too if you are looking at one and see that circle someone else is already attacking it.  Once you hit you will see what is left and if you need to hit again.  If you killed it you will see 100% flash up on your screen.


If you need to hit again you will have to wait till your troops return to the castle and then the button to attack will reappear on the page.

Each rebel leader stays for two days and overlap each other, one will go and another will come.  Below is the order that the rebels appear in world along with the blacksmith sets they have material for:

Day Leader 1                              Leader 2                      Blacksmith Sets

01 Westerlands Ore Thief Stone Way Claimant Builder and Oath

02 Narrow Sea Rider                  Westerlands Ore Thief        Sunspear and Builder

03 Northern Rebel                      Narrow Sea Rider               Frost and Sunspear

04 Hedge Knight Northern Rebel                  Oath and Frost

05 Bolton's Boy                          Hedge Knight Frost and Oath

06    Stormlands Insurgent Bolton's Boy                      Storm's Rage and Frost

07 Crownlands Rioter Stormlands Insurgent Builders and Storm's Rage

08    Riverlands Poacher Crownlands Rioter Huntsman and Builders

09 Oldtown Student                    Riverlands Poacher Measter and Huntsman

10 Black Ears                            Oldtown Student                 Storm's Rage and Measter

11 Greenblood Warrior Black Ears                         Sunspear and Storm's Rage

12 Stone Way Claimant Greenblood Warrior Oath and  Sunspear


Final Note:  Don't be afraid of hitting the Rebel Leaders.  Your commanders will not die!  You have everything to gain for doing so.  Happy Hunting!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Rebel Camps


Attacking a rebel camp is more then just going out and finding one, then sending a bunch of troops.  There are things as a player you will need to take into consideration before you decide to pull people into a rally and possibly have your alliance mates lose their troops too.

In this article we will talk about several of the factors to keep in mind when attacking a rebel camp.  But first lets take a look at the camps.  

Out in the world view you will see Rebel Camps sprinkled through out the kingdom ranging from level 1 - 5.  At first you might think that little people go after the lower levels, and that as you get higher you can go after the higher numbers.  But, that would be a wrong thought, it might apply towards the groups but here we are talking about the camps.  So one of the first things you want to do is click on the camp and read some of the information concerning the camp itself.

As you can see there is information to be had just by clicking on the camp.  At the top it will tell you the Level of the Camp in this case it is level 1.  Under that you will see the Rating of the camp.  This is a very important number, for technically you will want to know your own rating with your troops to know if you can take it down.  

Now wait you might say, others can help.  Others can help and will help provided that they are not sitting out camping for resources, or that the rating amount is something that you along with them are capable of doing.  Factors to consider when joining a Rally or Creating a Rally:

  • What is the Rating for the Camp?
  • If it is just you and the person creating the rally do you have enough rating power to take it?
  • How far away is the person who started the rally?  
  • How long of a wait is the rally?  
  • What types of troops are you up against?  Are there Elites,Veterans, Lights or even Royals.  You need to know! 
  • What are the wall fortifications?

Now wait a minute you might be wondering how am I to know what is inside the camp?  If you look at the picture you will see it will tell you a few other things.  First in green is the amount of time this camp has left till it refreshes this is important to know before venturing on to take down the camp.  The numbers beneath is actually the cords for the camp.  This allows a person to know how far away they are from the camp.  Beneath the numbers is the button Scout.

More troops could have been saved if a person would just take time to scout and see what is within the camp.  When you press the scouting button you will immediately be given a screen about the cost.  You have so many seconds to decide to continue or clicking the button it will take the gold from your account.  With that you will see a loan rider take off from your castle and go to the camp.  This happens quickly.

When the scout returns there will be a report with in your mail.   It is also important to know that scouting or rallying against rebel camps will not activate fervor, which means you will not lose your truce or bubble if you do so.

By clicking on your Mail and Report this is what the scouting report looks like.  Opening the report will give you more information:

First if you wish to share this report with the Alliance there is a share icon at the top to the left of the delete icon.  On this report you will first see the cords, and then the Spoils.  Each camp gives different level crates to be auction off by the merchant in your castle.  The higher the camp the better level the box.  By hovering your mouse over the box you will see what level it is.

Under that it will tell you the commanders that are involved with this battle if you look close you can determine what type of commanders they are, knowing this will let you know what kind of commander buffs they may be using.

Under the commanders is the list of fortifications and how many.  Knowing what type of fortifications they are using tells you what type of troops they will hit.  To find out what each hits you can click on your own wall and there you will find that answer.

Falling Rocks - Rocks will hit Infantry
Wooden Spikes -  Spikes take out Calvary
Sentry Towers -  Towers will hit Spear-man

Beneath the fortifications is Defense Army in this camp we are looking at a total of 310,000.  They even go as far as listing what type of troops they are.

This is very helpful if you want to send the troops that counter the type that are there.  There is a mixture of Veterans and Lights of Infantry, Spear Man, Bowman.  To send the counters you would do the following:

Infantry - Counter Spear-man
Spear-man - Counter Calvary
Calvary - Counter Infantry
Bowman - Counter All

So they have Veteran and Light Infantry this would mean, that you need send Spear-man to counter them.  They also have Veteran and Light Spear-man this would mean you would want to include Calvary, and finally they are using Veteran and Light Bowman so sending your Bowman will help take them down.

Now what generally happens is that people will just send out whatever troops they have available at the time.  For the lower rating camps this really doesn't matter. But as you start doing higher camps you will want to pay attention to the details.

Although you can see that Infantry is not needed to fight the troops if you send them they will get killed by the fortifications and bowman at the wall.  Remember, rocks will hit them but will not hit other troops so if you want to decrease your Infantry go ahead and send them.

Understand what you are battling and how it effects your troops is important.  This is how all battles work within the game.  First the whole objective of the battle is like that of the night king taking down the wall.

When you attack the Camp what you really are attacking is the Wall, putting the defenses of the wall to work.  So all the commanders, troops and fortifications are doing one thing, stopping your attempts to take down the wall.  This is very much the same when people attack your castle.  Durability of the wall helps with its Defense this camp the wall is 1,403.

Morality is one of the things that can causes you to fail or win a battle.  If you are mixing a lot of lower troops into a battle that has higher troops,  when the lower troops die quick they will lower morality of the remaining troops.  When the Morality goes to zero the rest of the troops retreat and your battle ends.

After looking at your report you need to look at who is on in the alliance and ask in chat if anyone wants to do a Rebel Camp.  Not everybody who is listed on is actually sitting at their PC they just might be letting their game run to help with the building.

You will need at least 2 players to attack a rebel camp.  This means you and another player.  If you are doing a big camp you will need more.  This also means you need to know how many troops can fit in your banner hall.  The lower the level your banner hall, the fewer troops you can send from your castle and the fewer alliance members can help you.  

To increase your Bannermen Hall, you will first need to increase your Embassy, and as always they can only go as high as your castle.

There are generally casualties of battle, some will be sent to your hospital others will meet their deaths of the field of battle.  So you will want your hospitals to be high enough to take care of the wounded.

Now we covered almost every thing you need to know before you call for a rally but I will give you one last piece of advice:

  • Every Rebel Camp is different even if it is the same level as the one you just did.  Be sure to check the Rating.
  • The Camps can range from a couple 100,000 troops to  1,000,000's of troops. Send a Scout. 
  • The lower Level 1 will use Lights and work their way up to Royals at Level 4 and 5, which even most people with Level 25 Castles cannot do.

So if you send out a rally for a Rebel Camp and you haven't done your homework done, don't get upset if no one joins you! 

It is very likely that the camp your attacking is not something you can win.  Four things you can do:

*Follow the advice they write in chat.*

*Move Closer to the Group You Should Already Be Closer*

*Pick A Camp with a Lower Rating.*

*Ask in Chat, if anyone is able to do one.*

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Captured Commanders


Alone in a cell sits your Head Commander waiting for what will be done with him!

The worse thing you can think of has happen your commander has gotten caught!  Now I will point out that he didn't do this on his own he had a little help from the Lord of the account.  I understand when circumstances makes it hard and you can't get into the game because of work.  But there are many times when people just don't put the poor dude away in the shelter, and now you have to wait and see if, "Off with his head", becomes his fate.  This power all belongs to the one who captured him.  A cliff hanger plot for sure.  (ques in scary music) 

This Post Answers The Following Two Questions:  

 What do I do When My Commander is Captured? 

 How do I Capture a Commander?

First don't panic. In-fact you are one of the ones who ask the most frequent asked questions about this game, so your not alone in this dilemma.  In making this game the developers have put a twist in it that I have not seen before.  The capturing of ones commander does not leave you cripple, you still will have many others to use on your daily activities till he returns to your castle.  You just won't be able to increase his experience during that time.  So take a deep breath all will be well.

In this post I will talk about two aspects capturing a commander and having your commander captured, after all the day will come when you will ransack the lowly villagers in hunt for the elusive commander.

Capturing A Commander

There are several rules of the game that have to be met before you are able to capture another players commander.  These are the rules:

  1. You must have unlocked and build the Dungeon this can only be done at Level 9.
  2. You must attack an opposing player, either their castle or on while they are gathering resources. 
  3. The player you attack must have a castle level 10 or above. Castles below 10 are protected from your taking their commanders.
  4. If you are attacking them on a resource you must defeat (either wound or kill) all of their troops, no survivors at all, and their Head Commander has to be there and not in the shelter.
  5. In attacking their city you must take down the wall and beat the troops and the Head Commander cannot be in the shelter.
  6. In order to execute the commander your dungeon will have to be level 17 and the Hall of Faces built.  This means your Castle, Embassy and Bannerman Hall all have to be level 17 too.

NOTE:  If you meet all these conditions you will always capture your enemies commander.  On the positive side if you put your commander in the shelter they cannot capture you.  Plus if they have a lower castle they cannot execute him.

Now the commanders life rests in the hands of the one who captured him.  The decision to release or kill depends on some things about you and your castle.

When your commander is taken you lose all the abilities and skills that commander was helping with your troops and other commanders.  This will change the way you attack things the next couple of days, till he walks the walk of shame home.  Seriously he does walk from where he was taken back to your castle.

What Should I do When I Captured A Commander:

  • If you captured a commander below level 17 there is no point of holding them.  You cannot execute them or get a buff from them.  The only thing you are doing is causing a player time to continue growing his level higher.  So I would advice release the commander back to its Lord.
  • You can try ransoming the commander but being that you not only took the commander you might have also gotten their resources so you already got their gold.  Not a very nice thing to charge them double.  I call for Honor to prevail!
  • If you captured a commander 17 or higher you can execute him at the hall of faces. The purpose of executing captured commanders is for the attack bonuses your get from them. The Hall of Faces will apply these to total health, total attack, total defense and marching speed. The bonus % is dependent on the level of your Hall of Faces and applies for only 24 hours. 
  • Capturing other commanders extends this time period. The buffs do not stack.
  • There is only a short window of time that you have right before the commander is automatically release that you have to execute him.  
  • If you do not execute it will automatically return to the castle you took it from.

What Happens When They Take Your Commander?

When your commander is captured you lose all your skills, gear bonuses, and talents bonuses that the command has.  This will effect your abilities to play as normal.  This is why protecting the commander should be continually done at all times.

The first thing you can do is check to see who has taken it.  If the castle is lower they cannot execute.  They have to have the Hall of Faces to kill the commander.  You cannot build the Hall of faces until your dungeon is level 17.  

So What Can I Do To Get My Commander Returned:

1.  Talk to the player nicely and see if they will release him.

2.  Sometimes the player sets an amount of gold for your commander to be release, you can pay it but I wouldn't.  Because you are then telling that player you are willing to pay gold to get it back, setting yourself up for future attacks and higher gold ransoms.

3.  You can hire someone in your alliance to go hit the player who captured yours.  Again this can be costly to do and it may not even be possible to do if they are a part of a bigger alliance.

4.  You can Wait till he returns home.  That time will depend on the level of your kingdom, levels 16 and below it is 36 hours; levels 17 and above it is 48 hours.

5.  You can purchase the "Summon of the Father" item from the diamond shop for 1,000 blue diamonds or the alliance shop for 60,000 alliance coins.  This will immediately revive them if they were executed and he will come home.

6.  There is also a Tears of Lys item you can buy for black diamonds. This will take away the stats they got from you commander.  Which could hurt them if they are battling, but this costs money and really not worth it.

NOTE:  Frankly, I would try and talk with the person and secure the release if that didn't work I would just wait out the time period and not spend anymore resources or money for something that will happen by the game automatically.

Perhaps for some it takes time to realize that you are playing a war game and this is part of the game.  Your neglect to care for your commander has made him a target for others to take him.  Not only does this affect you, but if you are in a hive, the possibilities of your whole alliance getting hit and search becomes stronger.

So my final advise to you is, remember that your commander needs to go to the shelter every time you are not using it, or he may go missing for two days!

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